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Stellar Enterprises/Shed Solutions Pvt. Ltd. has worked in the field of architecture for over 14 years, has attended much lunch, and learns. The Company's wonderful creation Shadefab has recently achieved the pleasure of attending the best-engineered shading solutions. The presentation and work of it was very informative and significant. We think it is relatively easy for us to work out the shade solution that will suit a customer's wants and needs. From our point of view, we have a massive toolbox of things, but it is really dictated at last by what they are trying to attain their environment allowing us to achieve.

Our dream: As far as the Shadefab have helped the awning industry, they have also brought about some customers to dispose toward impressive awnings when they serve with another solution. There are plenty of old buildings with bay windows, turns and whatnot, where building in something custom that follows a straight mounting surface that allows you to create something successful with a plain attractive awning, you need that flat mounting surface.

Our infrastructure: The Company believes that human resource is the crucial infrastructure in this service-oriented industry. In this organization, the human resource plays an essential role. It is giving a strong support for the success of the organization. This organization has its own unit for awnings manufacturing which is specialized and unique in Eastern India. For other structural jobs, it has its own setup for creating and collecting the units as per requirements. The company is maintaining relation with lot of associates who are also working as a big infrastructure for the company. That is why the company is proficient of delivering big projects also time to time.

Our commerce: We are the company, which has been an important awning dealer for 14 years that initially paid for the frames without covers and cost effective to fabricate the awning covers within its own facility. We soon determined that the additional labour to install the covers on the frames counteract. The costs of fabricating covers in-house. When the application primarily calls for stationary awnings completely, fabricators would be well advised to offer solar screens and shades to attach their stationary awning. Our business research indicates motorized awnings have a propensity to be utilized by consumers over five times as frequently as manual awnings, simply because of how easily they activate.

Our mission: We try to save your thousands of rupees. In its most basic form, the supply chain for retractable awnings and exterior rolling shades or screens involve a company to manufacture the products, and then distributes them through a dealer network. We have three or four different suppliers. We work with all the time that allows us to decide on whatever product we think is right for that particular situation. We are strict in retail, and work with end users, designers, architects and builders. We prefer to concentrate more on the sales and marketing.

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