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Fabric Shed

  • Fabric shade structures, covers, tents, awnings, umbrellas and shade canopies are perfect for playgrounds, pools, schools and other outdoor spaces made by Shadefab where people and children try to find safeguard from the sun's risky U.V. (Ultra Violet) rays that have been shown to cause skin cancer. Our fabric shade structures and canopies are more reasonably priced than traditional metal or wooden shelters, and offer more versatility with attractive colours and virtually endless design possibilities. Shadefab constructs sturdy hurricane-rated metal frames and code-complaints of commercial strength fabrics. It is remarkable that fabric canopy on our products protects up to 99% of the sun's ultraviolet rays, allowing children and adults to stay behind outdoors for extended periods safely. Shadefab can provide shade and sun protection over playground utensils, bleachers, allowance areas, pool decks, water parks, vehicle parking areas and any other outdoor gathering places. Our commercial Cafe Umbrellas, large market umbrellas and offset shade umbrellas are ideal at a resort, pool, restaurant, dining as well as hotels. The feature of all our commercial fabric shades is having a cantilever-offset support with original crank mechanism for fast and easy opening and closing as outdoor dining covers, restaurant umbrellas, pool umbrellas or resort and hotel market umbrellas. For the most imaginative architectural shade protection with endless possibilities of design, look no further than our innovative fabric shade structures, which are also available with lighting features. Our manufacturers and fabricators provide you a unique stainless steel one-point attachment system with covered stainless steel tension cables for longevity and low maintenance.

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