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Glass Canopy

  • Glass canopies can make the most of the unique properties of toughened and toughened laminated safety glass and provide lightweight floating glass skins fixed either on top or underneath the structure with proprietary fixings. The glass can be clear low iron glass or reflective screen-printed glass with special designs for shading and special effects. Self-cleaning glass can also be utilized in canopy design.

    Glass canopies can also be suspended using fittings connected to disc or spider fittings and gutters can be connected to the glass for water drainage. Slopes and angles for drainage can be created with a sloped structure by utilising the adjustable design features of the tension rods and spiders including the articulating swivel fixings.

    A range of standard designs is available for domestic and low-rise commercial projects. Glass canopy design can be complex, depend on design loads, structure, and glass fixing method, but in general, the glass spans between fixing points for toughened glass can be selected from the design table.

    Glass canopies are ideally suited for horizontal applications. They are typically bonded together with exposed edges. They can be silk-screened before being laminated virtually any design that can be accommodated. The inherent design flexibility of Planar makes it an excellent system for canopy and roof applications that can become a maintenance problem or possibly cause future leaks.

    The back-up structure is required to carry self-weight, snow loads where applicable, and to resist negative wind pressures through the fixing locations. Large spans are possible if underlying purlings are resistant with cable tensioned rod rigging. All back-up structures are available as a completely engineered, sole source package for guaranteed performance of the complete canopy.

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