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Ouduline Shed

  • Onduline is a lightweight, attractive, wall cladding and extremely tough roofing material. Primarily it is made of cellulose fibre. Besides it, the other components are resin, bitumen and mineral additives. Cellulose fibre is an extremely strong material used to improve resistance in cement and concrete. On the other hand, resin and mineral additives make it weather resistant and bitumen is used for water resistance.

    Onduline prevents corrosion and maximum chemical products. This roofing material is waterproof guaranteed for 10 years. This sheet provides better capability of absorbing the noise of rain than steel sheet. Onduline has the capacity of enduring very high temperature.

    It is highly essential for hot countries to install Onduline sheets in the morning session as because it may lessen in the mid day heat. Its colour becomes fade for protecting the UV rays and it is highly water proofing. Mainly, it is available in four colours named red, black, brown and green. This roofing material requires minimum maintenance. Special care for its safety must be taken for walking on this roof. Onduline is easy for handling and provides the widest range of cellulose-bitumen sheets with various kinds of profiles, finishes and colours.

    Onduline shade plays a vital role in renovation and maintenance of the old building. These are considered the best alternatives for the temporary or permanent successful replacement of any roofing. Its lightweight and flexibility have made it possible to use it in any kind of roof shape. It can be successfully used in live stock housing for its high filling capacity over and above its sound absorbing ability.

    Onduline shades have adaptability in environmentally sensitive colours have made it widely accepted for use as a roofing material in different sectors. The sheets have the capability to set itself any older or uneven roofing timber that can easily be cut and shaped for setting up by any local labour.

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