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Rooftop Shade

  • A rooftop shade offers soothing relief. Shadefab are specifically manufactured and fabricated for shade structures. You can choose custom-design whatever you want. It is only natural that you want the shade structures you choose to be uniquely yours. You will be taking full advantage of your roof top terrace for years to come. Fortunately, you can create roof top shade that beautifully and functionally fits the space you have by our manufacturers and fabricators.

    The challenge was finding an appropriate product capable of enduring very high winds that can offer safeguard from the harsh sunlight without darkening the interior. A rooftop shade is considered as the ultimate choice in product able to resist and operate winds up to 38 metres per second, which is technically hurricane speed, without any noise or deflections and provide the functionality and adaptability needed for the project.

    At Rooftop Solutions, should have a preference to use all environment friendly materials and try to maintain green building solution code. We always try to decrease the electrical expenditure of the owner and in turn, it helps them to reduce the persistent energy expenses. One time capital investment gives them the artistic look as well as the monetary savings in the long-term basis. Rooftop Shade is definitely capable of giving better solutions to this ever-changing world..

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